Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How To Create A Modern, Responsive E-Commerce Website with wordpress ( online bangla free tutorial )

How To Create A Modern, Responsive E-Commerce Website with wordpress .  ictzonebd

Hi everyone. In this video we’ll take everything we’ve covered in the previous videos and pick up the speed a bit to give the website we just created in the course a complete design makeover. This video guides you step-by-step to create a modern, responsive, mobile-friendly e-commerce website so you can start selling products or services on your website.
This website would be a great design for a small business owner and anyone who is getting started with e-commerce and wants to sell products on the web. Enjoy!
Ecommerce website in ictzonebd online bangla free tutorial

Ecommerce website creat less than 3 hours in online bangla free tutorial ( www.ictzonebd.blogspot.com )

WordPress Essentials: Video Quick Links
Installing WordPress
Hello. Why WordPress? WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org How To Quickly & Easily Install WordPress? How To Install A Coming Soon Page (While You Build Your Website)
Part 1: First Steps
WordPress Dashboard & Settings The Dashboard: Control Center For Your Site The WordPress Toolbar How To Set Up Your User Profile What’s A Gravatar? How Do You Create One For Your Site? Configure WordPress Settings Permalink Settings To Help Your Site Get Found
Part 2: Adding Content
Adding Images, Video, & Text To Posts & Pages Pages versus Posts: What’s The Difference? How To Create A New Post How To Create Links In WordPress How To Manage & Add Categories & Tags How To Add Images To Your Site How To Create An Image Gallery How To Embed A Video Into Your Site Media Library: How To Manage Your Media How To Create A Page In WordPress How To Create A Static Homepage In WordPress
Part 3: Widgets & Plugins
Adding Customized Sections & Extending Site Functionality Using Widgets In The WordPress Sidebar How To Install Plugins Top 10 Plugins Every Site Should Have
Part 4: Next Steps
Managing Users, Comments, Tools, & Themes How To Add & Manage New Users How To Manage Comments Tools: How To Import & Export Content How To Change Themes Top 10 Best Places To Find Beautiful Themes How To Create A Custom Menu (Twenty Twelve Theme) How To Edit CSS (Twenty Twelve Theme) How To Add A Background Image (Twenty Twelve Theme)
Part 5: Final Steps
Increasing Leads, Tracking Site Activity, Backing Up & Securing Your Website How To Create A Contact Page How To Add Email Subscription Opt-In Forms To Your Site How To Protect Your Site How To Backup Your Site To Dropbox How To Add Google Analytics Ready to Launch!

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